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    Who We Are

    Artshub Institute is a registered training school specializing in provisional training for the scarce skills that are so desperately needed in the media and creative arts sector. Concentrating more on the theoretical and practical study of the visual arts and animation, we recognize that these fields are integral to society and beneficial to the individual. In a fast paced digital world, our passion lies in grooming people, both young and old, to hone their skills and become industry leaders, not just nationally, but regionally and internationally as well.
    We promote the values of integrity, innovation, and interaction through our teaching, creative endeavors, and community involvement. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionise the face of media and creative arts in South Africa and use it as a uniting tool that will reach beyond the confines of age, sex, ethnicity and colour, by embracing diversity and individuality.Our study guides and practicals are designed to equip students with the skills they need to become good designers and to be more independent in their creativity.

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    Departments and Courses

    We believe a creative education can open doors for creative individuals to achieve their professional goals. Therefore we have put together various life/career enhancing programs to help you achieve your goal. We offer a wide range of programs that cater to a wide range of students. There are Full Time Courses for those who want to start at the grassroots and proceed with their creative studies, and Short Courses for the busy professional who is already working and may only want to further enhance their skills. Artshub has made a provision to accomodate all sorts of schedules, to make sure no one is denied a chance to pursue their studies and ignite their dreams.

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    Admission and Costs

    Artshub is dedicated to providing competent, professional instruction in art and design in friendly, pleasant surroundings while catering to the varying needs of different target market groups. Hence our admission process is not rigid, so as to accomodate everyone willing to further his/her education in the fields we offer. We will always find a place for you, and our fees are affordable. We deliver quality lectures in an atmosphere conducive to learning and character building, where your growth is a priority.

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    Life At Artshub

    If you are looking for a place where your creativity can be unlocked, or a place to express your creativity, Artshub is the right place for you! We cherish freedom and responsibility, therefore our students have been known to always want to come back due to the kind of relationship we encourage. You can visit our Student Galleria or come to one of our Open Days at campus to see some of the works our alumni and current students have done. You could be the next big thing to be discovered….

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Our college news

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Our Mission

To assist students to reach their full potential by creating an environment conducive to learning and character building.

We endeavour to be the partner of choice for the world’s leading service providers in media and visual arts education, by helping young creative minds to create, build and maintain the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective modern world in which we can all live harmoniously.

Our Vision

Artshub is committed to be the service provider of choice in Media and Visual Arts education, both nationally and internationally.

We seek to provide competent, cost effective and quality education in the area of media and creative arts, and also to promote and foster the rich and diverse media and visual arts perspectives of people of different heritages, while catering for the less privileged, helping them become professionals and lowering the gap in scarce skills in our society.