Certificate in Interior Design



This programme is designed to introduce learners to the fast-growing and competitive interior design industry. Successful learners are able to demonstrate specialized skills and techniques such as developing a design concept from conceptual stages through the process of designing interiors and elements to be used in interiors. Learners will be able to build 3D models and render basic technical drawings.

Admission Requirements

• Knowledge, comprehension and application of Language at NQF Level 4/Grade 12 or equivalent. Basic knowledge, comprehension and application of Mathematics at NQF Level4/Grade 12 or equivalent.
• Submission of an art portfolio.
• An interview with the relevant academic staff member.

Fundamentals Credit Accumulation Transfer (CAT)
CAT is approved by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) to awards credits for fundamental unit standards against a full qualification.


1-year full-time study according to certificate requirements.

Additional Costs

Learners are expected to make provision for additional costs for drawing board A3 drawing paper, portfolio, bag, safety equipment, pencils, and drawing tools.


Course Contents

1st Semester

Technical Drawing
• Basic aspects of drawing and illustrations.
• the history and relevance of creative disciplines
• Fundamentals of technical drawing.
• Using technical drawing to communicate ideas effectively.

Computer-Aided Design and Theories of Design
• design functions in AutoCAD
• the basic theories of design composition
• Elements of construction and their influence on design.
• Theories of design and application thereof to a variety of design problems. Materials and Finishes.
• Specific materials and finishes.
• The role of the designer in the control and maintenance of technical services with consideration of environmental issues.
• The properties, capabilities and restrictions of materials and finishes.
• The importance and effects of services on the working environment.

2nd Semester

Interior design
• Effective presentation of design solutions to a client.
• The effects design could have on the structure of a building.
• The professionalism of an interior designer.

Design Process and Final Design Ideas
• Presentation of the design process and the final design ideas three-dimensionally to the client.
• Tools and functions of the Adobe Photoshop software applications and manipulation of the raster imagery.
• Three-dimensional furniture pieces.

Workplace Learning: This programme includes a workplace learning component.
Assessment Formative and Summative Assessment will assess all specific outcomes and adhere to all assessment criteria of the learning programme. A final summative assessment will be conducted to determine whether the exit level outcomes have been achieved.

Certificate in Interior Design
Course Information
  • Course Id:Provider Course
  • Credit:120
  • Room:SF-672
  • Days:MWT
  • Timings:11-00am - 3-00pm

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