10% Off Tuition Fees!

10% Off Tuition Fees!

Artshub Institute is taking 10% off tuition fees for the 1st 100 students!

This our way of saying ‘yes, we understand, and this is what we will do about it!’
The cost of getting an education continues to rise. We know how frustrating it can be when the money just isn’t enough. We understand. So as Artshub Institute, we are knocking off 10% off ALL TUITION FEES FOR THE FIRST 100 STUDENTS to register for the 2017 academic year! We love to make people’s dreams come true, and if we can make it even easier for our students, we will. Find out more about this opportunity and do not get left behind! 10% off! Now THAT is a bargain, no one should miss out on. What are you waiting for? Register today! For more information contact us or follow us on our social media pages for daily updates.
Note-This offer is for all full time courses only. Terms and conditions apply.

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