5 Bursaries up for grabs!

5 Bursaries up for grabs!

It is a known fact that most bursaries that are awarded go to conventional areas of study like science and technology. Artshub seeks to change that trend. We believe that the creative arts also have a major role to play in this fast paced world, in contributing to the success of the economy and also in reducing unemployment. Many a talented youth, rarely get to turn their passions and talents into a career they can be proud of.This is the sad reality facing the throngs of undiscovered South African Picassos and Kasi Mozarts. No talent should ever go to waste, and we at Artshub endeavour to do our part in ensuring that the youth know that their passions can be careers.
Introducing the Artshub Institute 2017 Bursary Initiative! We are committed to giving out FIVE (5) FULL ACADEMIC BURSARIES to deserving students, upon reaching one hundred registrations. Applicants must be South African Citizens between the ages of 17 to 25, who are passionate about pursuing studies in the media and creative arts realms. We believe that it is a gross injustice for any child to have to drop their education because of lack of funding, or any other form of support for that matter. This bursary will be our way of giving back to society and hopefully, we can be a part of igniting a legend’s dream and become a stepping stone to their success. This Bursary is mainly suitable for students who are from disadvantaged/less privileged backgrounds, but who have undeniable talent, passion and zeal for the arts. Successful students will be announced in April 2017.
Note-Background checks and verifications of each applicant are to be done. T’s and C’s apply.

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